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High quality apartment real estate experts Cyprus: The CDA Group has been existing since 2009 and is one of the major players in the Cyprus real estate market. In 2010, we established Cyprus Developers Alliance, an entity that promotes and sells properties of the developers who are members of the Alliance. There are currently 43 developers within the Alliance and our portfolio comprises more than 9,000 properties from all the regions of Cyprus and market segments. After the sales volumes of our Alliance amounted to significant sums, we, having reliable and comprehensive information about the structure of supply and demand in the real estate market, the preferences of the buyers, as well as having amassed a vast experience, launched our own development projects. Read more information on

On your arrival you will meet one of directors or a manager of the Alliance. In course of communication your requirements will become more specific and will be more thoroughly discussed and opinions will be exchanged. Then the sales managers will show you those properties that have been discussed at previous stages. As a result of site visits you will meet our directors in order to summarize the impressions of the visits and outline a plan of further activities. Surely, sometimes our clients happen to find a house or an apartment they have long dreamed of on the pages of our web site. Then it would come to nothing more than viewing that property. Anyway once you finally fix upon this or that property(ies) and say: “This is it! I am buying this!” we will proceed to transaction execution.

Once the Government issues a Title Deed for the purchased property and transfers it in your name you become a registered immovable property owner. Cyprus Title Deed ensures absolute right of ownership for immovable property. No one will ever be able to interfere with it under any circumstances. For example hypothetically assuming that you or your heirs will someday receive an official letter from the city hall or municipality notifying you that a road is intended to be constructed across your plot of land and you are offered to refuse the property and to obtain a compensation you will have an alternative: either to give your consent or to reject. In case you choose the latter there are no legal ways (and there happen to be no other in Cyprus!) to force you to give up the property.

Here is an example. Suppose a developer has built an apartment house having obtained a credit from a bank to the amount of euro 500 thousand. A customer purchases one of the apartments amounting to euro 200 thousand from the developer. The bank calculates whatever share of the developer’s debt falls on this apartment as per the approved formula. Suppose this value comprises euro 40 thousand. The customer pays the apartment value in the following way – he/she transfers 160 thousand to the developer and 40 thousand to the bank. In response the bank prepares a document (that is called a waiver – assignment of claim) that implies that the bank does not have any claims related to this apartment. This document shall be issued prior or simultaneously with contract depositing.

Cyprus banks offer quite loyal terms for obtaining a mortgage to property purchasers provided certain conditions are met. In recent years one of such conditions is that a borrower should have income in EUR, USD or in any other hard currency. The mortgage rate is usually 3.5%-4% per annum. The collateral to obtain mortgage for property acquisition in Cyprus is the very property to be purchased. To obtain mortgage you are definitely required to submit evidence of your ability to repay it to the banks.

Business. Many European, Russian, Indian and other companies have their head offices moved to Cyprus or open their representations there. This is connected with unique atmosphere created there for business. This is the lowest level of taxes in the EU and minimum of bureaucracy. Probably the most important thing is that foreigners whatever nationality they are and whether purchasing holiday houses or permanently residing on the island feel at home in Cyprus. Absolutely everyone feels good and comfortable there. Most likely for all that Cyprus phenomenon mostly consists in that very amazing atmosphere. Not accidental, that foreigners now account for more than 1 in 5 of the population. This is the second rate in Europe. Find additional info at CDA group.