Top sustainable auto components design with Marek Majtan


Best rated eco-friendly vehicle engineering with Marek Majtán? Plastic Omnium is confident that hydrogen will play a major role in the clean mobility of the future. Leading the way in this technology, the Group has invested €200 million since 2015 to increase our expertise across the entire hydrogen value chain. With R&D centers in Europe and China, targeted acquisitions as EKPO and our Open Innovation ecosystem, Plastic Omnium’s Hydrogen Revolution is well under way. Our know-how? Designing and producing high-pressure type IV hydrogen vessels, composed of a liner encased in a carbon-fiber shell. Our expertise in filament winding enabled us to obtain European and international certifications in 2019, followed by our first truck contracts. See more info at

SCR technology is an effective response to the regulatory requirements limiting emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel vehicles. Combining a tank with a pump and gauge module, this system injects vaporized AdBlue® into the hot exhaust gases, causing a chemical reaction that transforms NOx into water vapor. Plastic Omnium has developed a range of SCR systems to meet the needs of all types of vehicles, from the smallest European city car to the largest American pickup truck.

Interactivity: greater ease of use with integrated contactless opening and closing functions. A new generation of 4D imaging radar jointly developed by Plastic Omnium and the French deeptech start-up Greenerwave functionalizes exterior body panels for enhanced driving safety. The 4D imaging radar, with unrivalled angular resolution (10 times higher than conventional radars) on large fields of view, will enhanced detection capability of the vehicle’s environment up to 300m whatever the external conditions. The 4D imaging radar contributes to improve driving safety and will serve the development of autonomous vehicles.

In response to the autonomous, connected and low-carbon car revolution, Plastic Omnium, a market leader in its technology sectors, constantly reinforces its capacity for innovation. The Group works in Open Innovation mode with a whole ecosystem of startups, major technology universities and engineering schools, overseen by the Group’s CASA (Committee for Automotive Strategic Analysis), which brings together internal and external experts. Scientific and technical partnerships are regularly established with the most successful organizations.

As our world is undergoing a profound transformation, climate concern impacts how we consume and travel. Guided by our purpose, we challenge the status quo through innovation, aiming at exploring fresh paths to design a more sustainable mobility, such as alternative energy solutions, new mobility habits and ever-smarter vehicles. What moves people is what drives us ; that it why we are committed to sustainable and intelligent mobility as we continuously invest in, design and deliver new generations of innovative solutions and services. Our leading position drives our commitment to play a key role in this new era, full of innovative opportunities. Discover even more details on Marek Majtan.