The upsurge of a business influencer : Jason Argall

The ascent of a software entrepreneur : Jason Argall? Jason Argall is an entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing and expansion in global markets. He has built brands in the health supplements category such as PhiNaturals and Shrüm. He currently serves on the board of Radial Research Co (RAD on the CSE). With his track record and experience, he has the know-how and experience to build global brands with a strong market presence in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, India, Latin America, and Brazil.

Jason Argall has also co-founded various e-commerce software companies such as Zoompages, the performance marketing landing page builder, and Chatvertiser, the first SMS/chat conversational marketing software of its kind. Jason started digital marketing in the late 90’s on Yahoo search, before Google Adwords existed. He has been involved in founding and scaling numerous successful digital brands.

Jason Argall is a founding member of ScaleMyBrand. At ScaleMyBrand we have the experience, systems and tools necessary to scale any digital brand to peak performance across all online marketing channels. Whether you own a SAS company, an e-retail brand or your company relies on online lead generation, we have what it take to help you dominate market share online. After helping multiple online brands scale and grow, we’ve built out custom software as that’s the only real way to connect every aspect of a business “under one roof.” We have a customer built CRM, email and SMS software, audience segmentation software, market research tools and more.

Jason Argall about personal brand building : If you haven’t got one already, write a great bio and take a professional headshot for yourself. If this is not your forte, find a bio writer on one of the freelance sites written above. For your headshot, make sure it represents the image you are trying to convey. Start a blog where you write about things you are interested in and know about to show off your knowledge and area of expertise. A blog is also helpful for having sharable content to post on your social accounts. It builds credibility and positions you as a subject matter expert.

Jason Argall about business brand building : The buyer persona is a handy tool to define your target customer characteristics. It summarizes the attributes of the ideal customer for your offerings. It includes details such as age, income, and why they seek a product or service like yours. The buyer persona helps you crystalize how you want to present your brand to this audience. Here, since not all customers are the same, it can prove helpful to execute customer segmentation. This helps you determine the universe of customers that matter most to you, such as those who are frequent shoppers. Then you can tailor the brand to speak to that audience. For example, a brand targeted to teens is expressed differently than one targeted to senior citizens. Also ask current customers to fill out a survey or interview them to learn how they view your product or service. This insight is helpful because it’s straight from your clientele, not your perception of what you’d like your brand to be. Once you know your customers, look at competitors and how they brand their companies to this audience. Review their websites, look at their business listings on directory sites like Yelp, or call the business to gain insights.