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Emergency leaks provider in Geelong, Victoria? Restore shower head water pressure: If your shower head has less pressure in it than it used to, here’s a simple fix that you could do using a house-hold ingredient that’ll restore the pressure. Grab a plastic bag, fill it with white distilled vinegar and place it over the shower head with an elastic to keep it on as such for about a day. The vinegar will dissolve any mineral deposits that formed inside the head, and should give you back your original pressure.

Leaving leaks during the winter is never wise. Leaks, no matter the season, add to wasted water and utility expenses, so the sooner you address them, the better. Should the leaky area freeze in the winter, the water will expand. This increases the size of the leak and the amount of money you must spend to repair it.

Having an emergency with any gas appliance is dangerous and life threatening. If you think you have a gas leak in your house, we first recommend calling your local fire department to make sure there are no health hazards. Once the fire department has been called, and your house has been cleared, we can come to fix up any mess. Our team can conduct carbon monoxide testing and make sure all the gas connections in your house are properly fixed. Having a gas leak is no joke and we take the matter seriously. Discover more info on Geelong Plumbing Services.

Don’t pour grease down the drain: After cooking a sizzling pan of bacon, the worst thing you could do to your pipes is to pour that grease down the drain. Why? Because the fat from the grease will coat the pipes and build up over time, which will eventually cause a huge clog—potentially both at home and in city-owned pipes.

Having an issue with your plumbing system is no joke. A clogged pipe can cause serious damage, not only to your plumbing system, but to other parts of your home or building, like electrical system, floors, and walls. When a pipe leaks, well, that’s just about the worse that can happen. That’s when we come in. Plumbing Services Geelong is a company ready to prevent and solve any and every problem with your plumbing system. Offering 24-hour plumbing services, we’re always ready to help you. Discover extra information on