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Folding knife online store in Kyiv, Ukraine today: We provide our clients with knives for any need: for fishermen, tourists, hunters and many other people who are interested in buying a high-quality and beautiful knife. You can deliver the knife to any point in Ukraine. After all, the company delivers its products to the buyer without any problems. It will only be necessary to coordinate the order. In fact, all knives must pass an examination, after which they will receive a certificate. The certificate will indicate that these models will not be classified as dangerous edged weapons. So the possession of such knives will be absolutely legal and legal. See extra info at

Ka-Bar has been around for a long time. This is their 125th anniversary. They make all sorts of things, but are most famous for the USMC knife, the classic, American icon knife. Ka-Bar has a great, rich history. Ka-Bar fighting knifeA Ka-Bar fighting knife prototype not yet in production. The knife they highlighted doesn’t have a name yet. It was only the 2nd prototype, and it’s a knife that you might see in a few years. It’s an evolution of the Turok, a Ka-Bar bestseller. It’s a far more serious knife than the other Ka-Bar fusion knife, the Ka-Bar Tanto. It’s a military-style knife, just a big fighting knife that you don’t see much of these days. It has classic attributes like a comfy handle and a tapered tang, the latter being a feature that probably won’t in the production version. There will likely be others changes to it as it goes through development.

Opinel and Victorinox are by no means the Alpha and the Omega of the pocket knife world, but their overall influence and well-earned respect cannot go without mention – as, together, they changed the landscape of the knife world forever. And the fact that both of these family-owned behemoths still exist and craft many of the same knives that made them famous is impressive in its own right. However, what is perhaps the most interesting coincidence surrounding these two companies is how closely in time they came into existence while still traversing two vastly differing yet similarly influential paths.

What is the specialty of the butterfly knife? The handle is formed by two longitudinal halves with a U-shaped section, which are pivotally connected to the blade shank. When the knife is opened, the halves of the handle rotate 180 degrees in the opposite direction relative to the blade, expose the blade and then form the handle, connecting to each other. How is a balisong different from a butterfly knife? Balisong is a type of folding knife. Its peculiarity is that in the folded position the blade is closed by two longitudinal halves of the handle. They resemble wings, which gave the second name to the tool – a butterfly knife.

Buck Knives: Though the first Buck Knife was made in 1902, it wasn’t until 1961 that Buck Knives became an incorporated company. In 1963, Al Buck – son of the late Hoyt Buck – created their Model 110 Folding Hunter pocket knife. It is still one of the most popular models they offer today. Buck Knives had gone through a period where they sourced much of their business overseas, but have since been trying to find ways to move production back to the USA. Today, they manufacture about 80% of their knives out of their Idaho facility. They also offer a limited “forever” warranty on all of their products.

I’ve used my Invictus for EDC, hunting, and fishing this fall. I bought it because of its unique construction and I liked that every component of the knife is corrosion free. So whether I’m wet wading in saltwater or use it to field dress a deer, I don’t have to worry about rust. It has the bank vault click that’s a hallmark of a well made framelock and it rivals many midtechs for it’s fit and finish. The blade steel used in the Invictus isn’t your typical blade steel, it’s not even steel. Terravantium is a cobalt alloy that doesn’t need to be heat treated. It’s also completely rust proof, non-magnetic, and keeps an edge for a very long time. Although I’ve found it doesn’t keep a razor edge long, it holds a toothy edge seemingly indefinitely. Mine has broken down hundreds of cardboard boxes without needing a touchup.

The 290 Immunity (manual) has been a very popular knife for them, featuring many of their higher-end materials. It’s a tough knife despite its diminutive size. It features CPM4 steel for the blade, super tough with high edge retention and cobalt black ceracote finish, full aluminum handles with a satin texture so that it carries well with slacks, not just jeans. It’s a small knife, but the lanyard acts as a handle extension for the fourth finger. The blade allows you to choke up on it to get cutting performance out of the tip. It’s easy to carry in a non-permissive environment where you can’t carry a larger knife but you need something that can perform a variety of tasks.