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The biggest questions that the team—or any potential customer—might have in-regards to any handgun have everything to do with how easy a pistol is to shoot and how reliable is it? This is especially true if you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck. For any kind of practical-use handgun, affordability only matters if reliability comes with it. While testing, the STR9-F functioned flawlessly with a wide variety of ammunition, from Federal Premium 115-grain range ammo to Hornady 124-grain and Nosler 147-grain defensive loads. The team like the grip angle and soft recoil cycle—one team member compared shooting it to the smooth-shooting Glock G34.

I believe that the SIG P320 compact is not the best gun to ever exist and nor is it the best 9mm to exist. However, it makes my editor’s choice as the best pistol, because it’s a jack of all trades gun that can efficiently serve as a concealed carry gun, a capable home defense firearm, and a fun range gun. I personally love how the modular design allows it to jump between categories and gives you a higher degree of customization. The gun comes with a rail and metal SIG night sights, as well as an additional magazine. Therefore, because this firearm is in all categories like CCW, home defense, range, and more, I give it the overall best 9mm gun you can check out. You won’t be disappointed if this is your first, or your only gun.

The matte-black grips pair well with the Nitron finish that Sig used on the frame and slide. Coupled with the stout defensive sights—a square notch fixed rear and front post with illuminated dots—there’s no doubt as to the P210’s intended role. That said, it is a much more refined pistol than your run-of-the mill striker-fired polymer wonder gun. It has a lovely crisp single-action trigger and the most aesthetically appealing safety and slide lock you’ll find on any defensive handgun.

When the EZ series was introduced a couple of years ago, I remember the internet experts and gun counter commandos bursting about how it was the “gun that nobody needed or asked for.” As usual, the internet experts and gun counter commandos were wrong. The EZ series has been a runaway hit because it was designed for real people with real limitations. The slide is easy to retract and features wings at the rear to assist. The magazines are easy to load, the sights are easy to see, and the trigger is easy to press. I could do without the grip safety, but it does serve a purpose to train the shooter to keep their hands high and tight. In a perfect world, the EZ would have already adopted the optic mounting capabilities of the Shield Plus, but I’m sure that will be forthcoming. Regardless, the EZ in .380, 9mm or the new 30 Super Carry is a solid choice for newer shooters, especially ones that might be dealing with physical limitations. Discover even more details at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/ballachy.