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Which Application of Decor Paper is Most Prominent? High endurance and better overall strength make high-pressure laminates a preferred choice for multiple home decor applications. These laminates are formed by pressing together multiple decor paper layers under intense heat and pressure that gives them their characteristic strength. High-pressure laminates are expected to see major demand from flooring applications due to their better endurance and strength qualities.

Decor paper is used in getting quality finishes on wooden materials after impregnating. Decor paper is used in a wide range of colors and weights. Machine-smoothed decor paper has gathered some steam among consumers. Some of the key application areas in the decor paper are flooring, paneling, and furniture surfaces. The demand for light-resistant and chemically inert decor paper has seen noticeable growth. The total worldwide production of wood based panels has already touched 400 mn m3. A key application area is abrasion-resistant laminate flooring.

Our print base papers are available in a wide range of whites and other solid colors in accordance with customer specifications. Controlled dimensional stability, high printing quality and good runability are the key features of these high-tech papers. Our products have a high adaptability to our customers’ processes. Thanks to our technological know-how throughout the entire value chain, we are in a position to offer individual, made-to-measure, customer service and solutions.

Increasing opportunities in the home decor industry have led to many new players entering the market to capitalize on these opportunities. Especially, demand from emerging economies such as India is expected to be notable. Increasing focus on creating a sustainable economy has led to many stringent mandates across the world that restrict the use of certain products and processes that may adversely affect the environment. Restrictions on the use of wood and wood-based products are expected to hamper the sales of decor paper to some extent. Find additional info on