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Seo for car dealers? The automotive BDC center could add revenue to the bottom line for the dealers that get it right. Automotive BDCs are the best way to improve processes and customer satisfaction ratings for every dealership. If the right BDC structure is not built, the process will result in inconsistency and inaccuracy which will cause lower customer satisfaction index(CSI). While managing your car dealership BDC it is important for the individual managing your automotive BDC should have a dominating, leadership-like personality attribute. It is a must for this individual to have a personality of leadership. An individual who can effectively communicate and organize the group. One common mistake that is usually made is placing a salesperson into the BDC manager role.

Specific to local SEO, inbound links should be coming from other local domains. That’s why it is crucial to network with other local businesses and different types of websites for those valuable links. Scoring a link from a popular local newsletter is just one example of great SEO value.

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Creating video content is more comfortable than ever today. There are online tools to help you create video content for your business. Some tools come with ready-made templates to fit your needs – you can actually create a professional video within a few hours single-handedly. So, come with more video content this year, get more exposure in search engine results. Google has also started showing videos as snippets in answers to search queries. As a result, online businesses must use video content for their SEO strategy. When producing video content, make sure Googlebot can understand what your video is all about. Add a corresponding text reference in all your videos along with relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and titles.

NAP Citations: As you can see from the above image, citation signals account for 13% of the ranking factors. For anyone unfamiliar with citations, they are online references of your business in relevant directories around the web. And NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. The more consistent NAP citations you have for your business, the more are the local SEO benefits. But, keep in mind that inaccurate or inconsistent citations are likely to negatively affect your local SEO. If you have done citations in the past that may seem to be inconsistent, get a citation audit done through a professional to fix the NAP variations.

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