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Emergency leaks provider in Geelong, Australia? How to solder a leaky pipe: If you need to solder a fitting while water from a leak is dripping out of the pipe, here’s an old plumber’s trick that’ll get you outta trouble. Grab a piece of white bread and shove it down as far as you can inside the pipe. The bread will stop the leak while you solder the fitting and will then (eventually) dissolve inside the pipe.

A ventilated crawl space is often a problem in the winter. Seal off crawl space vents with thick cardboard and duct tape. This will protect any pipes that run through the crawl space. In addition, seal the access to the crawl space to prevent cold air from entering the space. If you have a basement instead of a crawl space, inspect the windows to ensure they are not letting cold air in.

A plumbing catastrophe can happen at any time, and they usually happen when you least expect them like when your home is full of visiting family or when you’re getting ready to go on vacation. We don’t want a cracked pipe to ruin your day which is why we offer 254/7 emergency plumbing services. No matter what time, or what day, we’re on call. Our team will make sure to find the root of the problem and start solving from there, so the solution isn’t just a band-aid but a real fix-up. See more details at Geelong Plumbing Services.

Don’t put starch down garbage disposal: Peeling potatoes over the sink may make the task easier, but don’t even think about washing them down the garbage disposal or you could create a thick, starchy mess that will seriously clog your pipes. To avoid this mess, throw your peels in the compost pile where they’ll break down into nutritious fertilizer for your garden.

Having an issue with your plumbing system is no joke. A clogged pipe can cause serious damage, not only to your plumbing system, but to other parts of your home or building, like electrical system, floors, and walls. When a pipe leaks, well, that’s just about the worse that can happen. That’s when we come in. Plumbing Services Geelong is a company ready to prevent and solve any and every problem with your plumbing system. Offering 24-hour plumbing services, we’re always ready to help you. Find even more information on geelongplumb.com.au.